Saxophonist Charles Lloyd’s groundbreaking groups in the 1960s brought post-Coltrane improv to rock audiences, but behind the catchy tunes and dancea(...)

James Mercer has had several identities over the years, but to call his latest endeavour a “side project” would be doing both him and it a disservice.(...)

There will be many coming back for more from this table after last year’s initial Black Radio broadcast from Robert Glasper and friends. The formul(...)

Are you a pianist who sings or a singer who plays the piano ?I¹m both. It would be impossible to choose between them: the piano, which has been my bes(...)

Friedrich Nietzsche tells us that: “Words are but symbols for the relations of things to one another and to us; nowhere do they touch upon the absolut(...)

Wandering US saxophonist and composer Jacob Duncan has preached his Liberation Prophecy in several different incarnations (including one in Texas t(...)