The study shows high stress levels are impacting on work, with 64 per cent of those surveyed reporting reduced concentration levels and 59 per cent saying they were dissatisfied with their jobs

As many as 82 per cent of employees in Ireland say they are facing increased personal stress due to concerns over their health and financial well- bei(...)

 Kathryn Thomas, Sarah Geraghty, Barbara Ennis and Louise Reilly emerge from the sea

‘A seven-day bootcamp? That’s intense.” When a Dublin county footballer sounds alarmed at a fitness plan, doubts set in. Some friends had visio(...)

Bond traders: On average, a 10-year German bond since 1990 would have given you a yield of 4.8 per cent. Now you’re only getting 1.4 per cent. Photograph:  Justin Lane/EPA

Pension fund savers have had a turbulent few years. From the annus horribilis of 2008, when Irish pension funds lost a third of their value, to the co(...)

‘As we all know, western Europe is aging; by 2050 there will be only 1.8 people of working age supporting each person in retirement versus a current level of 3.5. Ireland’s population is also aging albeit at a slower rate. ’

Pensions were in the news quite a bit in 2013. Much of the focus was on the problems facing defined benefit schemes or on large pension payouts to (...)

The test of success for any pensions system is that it provides adequate income in retirement for our citizens. This requires our working population t(...)