Huong, who  sells up to 60kg of fruit between 2.30am and 4.30pm in Hanoi city centre. She hopes to eventually build her own house. Photograph: Catherine Healy

Convoys of cargo trucks crawl along the packed, dimly lit tracks of Hanoi’s Long Bien market as night falls. Porters unload their containers onto pull(...)

McDonald’s, above in Shenzhen, China, is to open its first outlet in Vietnam in 2014, joining companies such as Starbucks which arrived there this year

The opening of a McDonald’s restaurant has become an iconic moment in the opening up of a country, and Vietnam’s first Golden Arches is planned to ope(...)

H anoi, capital of Vietnam, for years was one of the economic success stories of Asia, but lately it has been struggling to deal with sluggish economi(...)