A comprehension question concerning a woman smuggling a tortoise onto an airplane   was one of the highlights of this year’s Junior Cert higher-level French exam. File photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Whoever set this year’s Junior Cert higher-level French paper must have been in a good mood, judging by the general reaction to the paper. Many of t(...)

Charlie Hebdo on sale at a news stand on O’Connell Street, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Homelessness, terrorism, and moving house: they’re not quite the topics a person needs for doing business or taking a holiday in France, but they were(...)

Twitter: the topic of the day at Junior Cert level. Photograph: Kacper Pempel/Reuters

The majority of Leaving Cert candidates who applied for exam support were granted one or more supports last year, according to new figures released by(...)

Natasha Lynch: "When I first set up the business, the biggest challenge was people taking me seriously as I was so young."

What distinguishes your business from competitors?We have a very student-focused programme. I started the business at 23, straight out of college, so (...)