It has been some time since we had a lighthearted column. So, for those of us who may be struggling to move beyond first gear this morning after a rel(...)

For every 10 per cent increase in nurses who have attained a bachelor’s degree, there is an associated 7 per cent decline in mortality, according to study

Patient-to-nurse ratios and the level of a nurse’s education directly affect the number of deaths after routine surgery, a major study published th(...)

Who runs Ireland?

THE POLITICIANS ENDA KENNY Taoiseach Kenny holds the most powerful political position in the land. He is chief of the Cabinet, has the f(...)

General practice, for years the only stable and consistently functioning part of the Irish health system, is now on its knees, as its resources have been systematically removed since the beginning of the economic recession. Photograph: Getty Images

“I lie awake at night dreading the next day. Can’t relax in evening because ofpaperwork not done . . .”“Enjoy seeing patients but overloaded with work(...)

James Bond films are a staple of Christmas television. I thought I had seen them all until my son tuned in to Quantum of Solace over the festive perio(...)

Candles are lit by the public at the vigil at Eyre Square in Galway city in October  to mark the first anniversary of the death of Savita Halappanavar. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Within the timeframe of the past 70 years, good journalism has never been so important. Events, conflicts, great uncertainty and a deluge of questi(...)

Dr Ronan Kavanagh speaking at the DOTmed conference.

Imagine being able to deliver vaccines through the internet or print new organs, making transplant waiting lists a thing of the past?How about a team (...)

Matthew Donaldson: His Medical Card has been withdrawn and he has been approved for a GP-visit card only.

The Taoiseach says no, they are not. But countless people around the State say to the contrary that, yes, medical cards are being rationed by the Heal(...)

There aren’t too many of us medical scribblers in Ireland. Few have columns in a national newspaper. But one of these rare birds has just published a (...)

It’s fair to say the generally accepted view of the Health Service Executive (HSE) is that it is a failed entity. Many who work for it provide a super(...)