A Spanish national police officer stands guard at the rear entrance of a courthouse  in  Palma de Mallorca.  Princess Cristina, daughter of King Juan Carlos, will appear before the magistrate there on February 8th. Photograph: Enrique Calvo/Reuters

It is an ordinary-looking 40m stretch of concrete, sloping down to the courthouse in central Palma, on the island of Mallorca, and yet it has been (...)

A Spanish judge has charged princess Cristina - younger daughter of king Juan Carlos - with tax fraud and money laundering, possibly paving the way to an unprecedented trial of a member of the royal family. Photograph: Marcelo del Pozo/ Reuters

The new year is not going well for the Spanish royal family. Yesterday’s announcement that princess Cristina has been named as a suspect in a corrup(...)

Spain’s Infanta Cristina will appear in court in March charged with tax fraud and money laundering. Photograph: Daniel Aguilar/ Reuters

The daughter of King Juan Carlos has been officially named as suspect in a corruption investigation into her husband’s business dealings, deepening th(...)

Members of Spain’s royal family, including Queen Sofia, Princess Letizia and Prince Felipe, attending Easter Mass at the cathedral in Palma de Mallorca last Sunday. Photograph: Enrique Calvo

As he addressed a group of newly graduated judges yesterday, Prince Felipe called on them to carry out their duties with “prudence and strength”, a(...)