Inquest heard today  the German student was taking medication for epilepsy, but had not told anyone at the bank about his condition. Photograph: Reuters

A 21-year-old intern died of an epileptic fit that may have been triggered by fatigue after working “exceptional” hours at a top investment bank, an i(...)

“Health and safety legislation requires employers to ensure, as far as practicable, both safe places and safe systems of work. It is difficult to see how requiring staff to work in excess of 24-hour shifts, on a regular basis, can sit easily with this duty.”

In the face of action planned for tomorrow, junior doctors are considering HSE proposals for hospital rosters in compliance with working time regulati(...)

Anyone who has been hired by Bank of America could surely have got a more civilised job elsewhere. Photograph: Chris Keane/Bloomberg

Working 14 hours a day is ruinous to your health, your family, your relationships, your personality and your temper. It’s also thoroughly inefficient.(...)

The death of  Bank of America Merrill Lynch intern Moritz Erhardt (21) has sparked a debate about the working hours of young people who push themselves to the limit to secure jobs at the world’s top banks.

The death of an intern employed at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London has sparked a debate about the working hours of young people who push thems(...)

Moritz Erhardt, an intern at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London, was found dead last week in his shower at his accommodation in east London, it emerged yesterday. Photograph: Reuters/Brendan McDermid

Banks in the City of London are facing calls to overhaul the working culture for younger staff following the death of a 21-year-old intern at Bank of (...)