Monica Lewinsky: “It’s nice to see the 41-year-old move out of her self-imposed exile, looking lovely, acting graciously and speaking out for a good cause.”  Photograph: James Duncan Davidson/Reuters

The turquoise tranquillity of the Côte d’Azur was rocked a couple of times during the Cannes Lions Festival, the advertising world’s rosé-soaked answe(...)

Relatives of a crash victim  visiting a memorial in Le Vernet, southeastern France, yesterday. Photograph: EPA/Yoan Valat

A week after flight 9525 crashed in the French alps, killing all 150 people on board, German investigators have hit out at media pressure to deliver n(...)

Hillary, you seem like an annoyed queen, radiating irritation at anyone who tries to hold you accountable.  Photograph: Seth Wenig/AP

Since open letters to secretive and duplicitous regimes are in fashion, we would like to post an Open Letter to the Leaders of the Clinton Republic of(...)

Life in Clintonland: Hillary Clinton only turned over cherry-picked messages in December at the state department’s request. Photograph: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Somewhere in Smithsonian storage sits a portrait of Bill Clinton with two odd features: he is standing next to a shadow meant to conjure Monica Lewins(...)

Monica Lewinsky: making a case for the public to recast its opinion of her. Photograph: David Maialetti/AP Photo/Philadelphia Daily News

Could the real Monica Lewinsky please stand up? (Enough of the schoolboy sniggering.) Is it possible that we’ve been wrong about her all along?(...)

A recent “Wall Street Journal”/ NBC News/Annenberg centre poll showed that Clinton was the most admired president of the last quarter-century. Photograph: Luong Thai Linh/EPA

The thing about him is, he just keeps going. At 67 he continues to be, as Anna Quindlen once wrote, like one of those inflatable toys with sand(...)

A photograph showing former White House intern Monica Lewinsky meeting President Bill Clinton at a White House function in the 1990s

Seventeen years after her affair with President Bill Clinton rocked the US political establishment, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has brok(...)

Hillary Clinton: “She’s always on listening tours but is she hearing?” Photograph: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

By the time the Bushes and Clintons are finished they are going to make the Tudors and the Plantagenets look like pikers. Before these two fami(...)

Senator Rand Paul said there “is no excuse” for preying on a young intern

Washington – So how do you make Monica haunt Hillary’s dreams?That’s what Republicans have been gnawing on, and that’s what not-so-bland Rand Paul was(...)

US president Barack Obama holds a baby at a Father’s Day lunch  in the White House. “The silver-tongued campaigner has turned out to be a leaden salesman in the Oval Office.” Photograph: Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

Not only is Barack Obama leading from behind, now he’s leading from behind Bill Clinton.After dithering for two years over what to do about the slaugh(...)