Miles Teller and JK Simmons in Whiplash: ‘The blood-soaked hands of Neiman really don’t lend themselves to the technically proficient drummer who might well play an eight-hour studio session and will no marks on their hands at the end of their day’s work’

Musicians are well aware of the complexities of language. Music is a beautiful tool of communication and jazz is one of its many languages. As a li(...)

Guilfoyle-Nielsen trio: bassist Ronan Guilfoyle, drummer Conor Guilfoyle and guitarist Mike Nielsen have admirers around the world

The Guilfoyle-Nielsen Trio are back where they started 30 years ago, in a room barely big enough to swing a guitar, poring over charts of fiendishl(...)

School of jazz: every year, the Sligo Jazz Project assembles a roll call of internationally renowned musicians and puts them in a local national school with a group of students from all over Europe

Rufus Reid has travelled the world and seen more than his fair share of jazz festivals, but the famous bass player has always felt particularly at hom(...)