Loyalist theatre launch: Bobby Niblock (right) with William Mitchell

The difficulty getting former loyalist paramilitaries to express themselves through the arts was highlighted yesterday by a Northern Ireland playwrigh(...)

Hundreds of people – typically those who have taken legal challenges against the rejection of their applications – have spent seven or more years stuck in a system which almost everyone agrees is deeply deficient.

It was originally supposed to provide shelter for just six months. Today, asylum seekers in the State’s direct provision system spend an average of th(...)

Billy Hutchinson of the Progressive Unionist Party welcomes the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, to Belfast in 2011. Mr Hutchinson has become involved with an initiative exploring loyalist culture and identity. Photograph: PA

There is no doubt that the continuing and escalating violence in the North has left many people shrugging their shoulders in indifference, recalling p(...)