Filmmaker Alex Gibney and writer Michael Pollan worked on the Netflix documentary series, and Pollan says: “One of the great things about writing books or making documentaries is that you get paid to learn.”

Michael Pollan is finished finger-wagging. The writer and journalist wants to lure rather than lecture us back into our kitchens. And the man who coi(...)

Gautham Iyer might just be Ireland’s most zen chef if a recent Facebook post is anything to go by. It is a simple samosa photograph with an extraordi(...)

Plastic cows are lined up on hay bales in front of EU headquarters during the  farmers’ demonstration in Brussels on Monday. Photograph: AP Photo/Virginia Mayo

When I moved to the countryside, as an innocent blow-in I assumed I’d be able to buy stacks of tasty, locally grown fruit and veg. Wrong-o. My despera(...)

A grasshopper burger: the UN has been encouraging the use of insects in food, highlighting their nutritional value and affordability. Photograph: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty

It’s always fun to imagine what we might be eating in the future. Will we sit down to meat that has been grown in a lab? Will there will be a bowl (...)

A sign at the Spanish Arch in Galway city urging people not to feed the swans.

When the British Labour party politician Alan Johnson recently played out his fantasy role as “king for a day” in the Guardian, his plan for a better(...)

Tulips growing in dustbins

It’s the flower that was introduced into Europe by the charismatic Flemish diplomat Augier Ghislain de Busbecq, the flower that supposedly almost b(...)

Worth more than a hill of beans: bean video makes us ask ourselves if we have been showing enough respect to the most humble things that we grow. Photograph: Getty Images

There were many valuable lessons learned about eating and diet and health from studies and research published in the year just ended. We learned that (...)

Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules is  a refreshing read on food and health
Throw the rule book at food
  • Health
  • October 25, 2013, 01:00

If you are looking for a refreshing read on food and health, try Food Rules by Michael Pollan. Packed with short but sensible “rules” that are often t(...)

Irish cows are grass-fed which means their beef is as lean as a skinless chicken breast. Photograph: Joanne Murphy

Any good butcher in Ireland will tell you a simple secret about the meat that you buy from them: the flavour is in the fat.And if your butcher is a we(...)

How on earth did Michael Pollan, a lanky, bespectacled, geeky guy whose day job is as a professor of journalism, become the Martin Luther King of food(...)