Declan Conlon: the actor excels at portraying characters who are less than entirely upstanding

The shabby office of JPW King, the only practising “dynamatologist” in Dublin (and perhaps the world) is once again open for business. It is unlikely (...)

Bush Moukarzel in Dead Centre’s Chekhov’s First Play

Chekhov’s First Play Samuel Beckett Theatre **** The name of this theatre company, Dead Centre, also seems spot-on for their latest production, in whi(...)

Denis Conway in The Gigli Concert. Photograph: Pat Redmond

JPW King is a mess. Alcoholic, dishevelled, adulterous, fraudulent and far from home, he cuts a pathetic figure as the only practising “dynamatolog(...)

Alan Bennett: mistaken for a Coronation Street star. Photograph: Marco Secchi/Getty

In 1982, when Nina Stibbe was 20, she moved from Leicestershire to London to take a job as nanny to two young boys. Her employer was Mary-Kay Wilmers,(...)

Photograph: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/Getty Images

In his home in southwest London, which is filled with sunlight and books, Michael Frayn lives a serene life surrounded by chaos. That, at least, is th(...)

Chris Rock: “You know what’s not funny? Thinking about it.”

A few years ago, in London’s Comedy Store, the performers in an improv group met a heckler they couldn’t deal with. Until then, the show had been goin(...)