Bush Moukarzel in Dead Centre’s Chekhov’s First Play

Chekhov’s First Play Samuel Beckett Theatre **** The name of this theatre company, Dead Centre, also seems spot-on for their latest production, in whi(...)

Denis Conway in The Gigli Concert. Photograph: Pat Redmond

JPW King is a mess. Alcoholic, dishevelled, adulterous, fraudulent and far from home, he cuts a pathetic figure as the only practising “dynamatolog(...)

Alan Bennett: mistaken for a Coronation Street star. Photograph: Marco Secchi/Getty

In 1982, when Nina Stibbe was 20, she moved from Leicestershire to London to take a job as nanny to two young boys. Her employer was Mary-Kay Wilmers,(...)

Photograph: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/Getty Images

In his home in southwest London, which is filled with sunlight and books, Michael Frayn lives a serene life surrounded by chaos. That, at least, is th(...)

Chris Rock: “You know what’s not funny? Thinking about it.”

A few years ago, in London’s Comedy Store, the performers in an improv group met a heckler they couldn’t deal with. Until then, the show had been goin(...)