Manfred Eicher’s ECM New Series was expressly created 31 years ago for the pellucid music of Arvo Pärt. The composer’s native Estonia was then (...)

Bruckner and Brahms produced their official First Symphonies, both in C minor, in their 40s. Bruckner, the elder by nine years, got there first, in 18(...)

Vivaldi-loving Adrian Chandler celebrates the 21st anniversary of his period instruments ensemble La Serenissima with a new recording of the Four S(...)

John Adams describes his 2013 Absolute Jest as “a colossal, 25-minute scherzo”. It’s a concerto (sort of) for string quartet and orchestra that plays (...)

Agrippina: director Oliver Mears plays it as a contemporary soap opera

Agrippina Lime Tree, Limerick *****   Agrippina is widely regarded as Handel’s first great opera. He wrote it to a libretto b(...)

This is the second instalment of a period-instruments series pairing Schumann’s concertos and piano trios. Alexander Melnikov plays an 1837 Era(...)

John Scott, who has died suddenly in New York aged 59, was a distinguished organist and conductor with great technical skill and an ability to get to (...)

Russian violinist Yury Revich, who turns 24 in a week, wants to chart the history and potential of the violin from our own time back to the Baroque(...)

The German composer Karl Amadeus Hartmann stayed in Nazi Germany, where his music went unperformed, not because of official diktat, but because he (...)

The adaptable Keith Jarrett is on record questioning classical players’ concept of pulse. “Okay, there are a few exceptions,” he once said, “bu(...)