Need to finish that novel? Get thee to Birr where Rosalind Fanning’s Tin Jug Studio offers workspace in her gorgeous Georgian house – think brocade(...)

Market: Souk Al-Khayyateen, in the old city of Damascus. Photograph: Tim Gerard Barker/Lonely Planet/Getty

The advice she got was clear and unambiguous: “Don’t do it.” Further, it was given by a lawyer who knew his stuff. But what was the advice she sought?(...)

Edna O’Brien. Photograph: Eamonn McCabe/Getty

Writer Edna O’ Brien (above), musician Christy Moore, and former rugby International Tony Ward are some of the well-known personalities who reveal (...)

Rubbing James Joyce’s relic

You never know what you’re going to meet when you’re out without your gun. So it was when, in Manhattan a few years ago, I met Fred Seiden and his (...)

Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning? Are you hacked off with the weather? Are last night’s dirty dishes still in the sink(...)