Susan O’Shea and Ciara O’Callaghan with cast members at rehearsals for “The Four Euclids of Squid and The Festival of Imagination and Wild Fancy” presented byThe Little Red Kettle, at Garter Lane, Waterford, in 2000. Photograph: Eric Luke

Confirmation that Waterford’s Red Kettle Theatre Company is to go into liquidation has been greeted with shock. The news emerged yesterday that the c(...)

Full list of candidates One of a handful of counties where city and county councils have been merged, the new Waterford County Local Authoritie(...)

Talking to children about Harry Potter (above, played by Daniel Radcliffe), can introduce philosophical subjects such as ethics (Is power more important than good?) to epistemology (How can we know ghosts and trolls?) and metaphysics (How do spells work?)

If you’re a teacher and you’re planning to do philosophy with your class then resist the temptation to reference weighty tomes written by dead Greeks (...)

Collectable philosophers: cards for the thinking classroom. Illustration: Dearbhla Kelly/Irish Times Premedia

If philosophy had been on the curriculum 30 years ago, would we be in the same mess we’re in today? It’s a tantalising thought and the very sort of “w(...)