Warming up before taking part in The Barrington’s Hospital Great Limerick Run. Photograph:  Sean Curtin Fusionshooters

Take a moment to look back over these first eight weeks of 2016. Are you happy with your running progress? Have you a training diary full of runs or (...)

Running buddies: ‘To be able to combine fitness and friendship is a wonderful gift. It’s the shared memories and experiences on the road that builds the bond.’

Friendship week: From best mates to bromances, all week on irishtimes.com/life-and-style, we take a closer look at friendship. If you are stru(...)

Irish Times running expert Mary Jennings running in Dublin, at Grand Canal Dock. Photograph: Eric Luke

Are you weary from all the January focus on diets, superfoods and weight loss? By now many of us are now so overwhelmed by food choices and weight th(...)

Try to get your exercise done early – it stops the excuses which often appear later in the day. Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Even with the best intentions we can all struggle to stay committed to our new year fitness resolutions. By this third week of January, many of us are(...)

Combine fitness with a holiday in some great, and warm, destinations

Bootcamps in Costa Blanca Bootcamps don’t have to be militarily austere to be effective. Organisers just like you to think that so they can save mo(...)

Goal setting to kick habits such as overindulging in wine should be SMART: S = Specific, M= Measurable; A = Attainable; R = Relevant and T = Time-bound

It was a fitting finale to eight weeks of interesting public talks. Nenagh GP Dr Pat Harrold’s talk on breaking bad habits went down well, to cap off (...)

Around Athlone, there is a sense of anticipation about the Healthy Town 2015 project that kicks off this week. The launch, at Athlone Civic Centre la(...)

Running coach Mary Jennings. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Its quite simple: if you are out of breath, you are going too fast. Pace yourself. That’s the advice to anyone who begins running, from fitness exp(...)

If you completed or took part in last Monday’s Dublin marathon be careful - because now is the time you may pick up an injury, a leading fitness coach(...)

Caroline Allen: Think of the time we spend on social media and get out there now before the dark evenings provide yet another excuse.

I didn’t expect to find a kindred spirit in The Irish Times’ running coach, Mary Jennings, when she presented a talk on getting off the couch and stay(...)