Dr Mary Flynn, the Food Safety Authority’s chief specialist in public health nutrition, says it’s not completely our own fault if we overeat. She says we are surrounded by treats and unhealthy foods, everywhere we look. Photograph: Thinkstock

We all talk about being addicted to foods such as chocolate or crisps but does food addiction actually exist?No, according to some scientists and nutr(...)

 Minister for Health Leo Varadkar  told  the conference, organised by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland’s consultative council, that  studies showed that two out of three adults and one in four primary school children in Ireland were overweight or obese.    Photograph: Fiona Hanson/PA

People are besieged by “treat foods” which are formulated to be far more appealing than healthier alternatives, Dr Mary Flynn, public health specia(...)

 Pictured at the launch of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland free online MenuCal calorie calculator were  Minister for HealthJames Reilly with Dr Mary Flynn, Chief Specialist: Public Health Nutrition, FSAI and Noel Marrey a chef at the Bracken  Court Hotel. Photograph:Jason Clarke

The Food Safety Authority has developed a new online calorie calculator to enable food businesses to calculate the calorie content of the meals(...)

We spent €1.44 billion in outlets selling fast food in 2012. That’s a whole lot of cheeseburgers, taco fries and spicy chicken wraps 2:16

We like our chips. And burgers, kebabs, snack boxes and whatever you’re having yourself. Irish people spent more money per head on fast food than 1(...)

Food for thought: recent figures suggest one-third of women and one-fifth of men in Ireland regularly take supplements. Photograph:Getty Images

There has been a huge increase in public information about how to get all the necessary nutrients from a healthy, balanced diet, yet large numb(...)

Three new studies query the health benefits of vitamin and mineral supplements. Photograph: Getty Images

Stop wasting money on vitamin and mineral supplements is the strong advice from the American College of Physicians in a recent editorial in the Annals(...)

Photograph: ma-k/E+/Getty

Fancy a virtuous breakfast? Pop some fruit and juice into the blender. Want to add nutrition to your child’s school lunch? Throw a smoothie into the l(...)

Since 2007 despite the recession we’ve been spending more and more on vitamins. Last year we spent almost €16 million and Euromonitor expects o(...)