Lebanese security forces stand outside the Turkish Airlines office in downtown Beirut yesterday. Photograph: Reuters/Hasan Shaaban

Turkey urged its citizens to leave Lebanon after a militant group claimed the abduction early yesterday of two Turkish airline pilots travelling in a (...)

A woman walks over shattered glass, past damaged cars near the site of an explosion last week in Beirut’s southern suburbs. Photograph: Khalil Hassan/Reuters

The southern Beirut parking lot where a car bomb exploded last week, sending shockwaves through this Hizbullah stronghold, is still a mass of mangled (...)

Civil Defence workers, Hizbullah members, policemen and civilians gather at the site of an explosion in Beirut’s southern suburbs today. Photograph: Issam Kobeisi/Reuters

A car bomb has exploded in a stronghold of the Shia militant Hizbullah group in Beirut wounding dozens in a major security breach of a tightly-guarded(...)

A member of the Free Syrian Army aims his weapon as he takes up a defensive position in Deir al-Zor. Photograph: Khalil Ashawi/Reuters

Syrian troops backed by Lebanese Shia Hizbullah fighters yesterday clashed with rebels near the gold-domed shrine of Sayida Zeinab, tomb of the gra(...)

Hizbullah supporters and relatives of members of the the Islamic Shia movement attend the funeral yesterday of a Hizbullah fighter who died in the Syrian conflict in Ouzai in Beirut. Photograph: Issam Kobeisy/Reuters

Two crude rockets fired from the Lebanese coastal mountain range into a Shia majority neighbourhood in south (...)