Felicity Fanning (right) who has the Lyric hearing device, and Ann Kelly at Ann Kelly Hearing, Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

The closer you stand to a dartboard, the more bull’s eyes you’re likely to hit is an analogy clinical audiologist Mark Sanford uses to describe one be(...)

People in Huma Abedin’s circle are worried that her decision to vouch for her husband,  Anthony Weiner, “is starting to hurt her, the one person they all assumed would never be ensnared in anything weird or bad”. Photograph: Michael Appleton/The New York Times

When you puzzle over why the elegant Huma Abedin is propping up the eel-like Anthony Weiner, you must remember one thing: Huma was raised in Saudi Ara(...)

Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer:  asked New Yorkers for forgiveness and a second chance over the prostitution scandal that forced him into the political wilderness for more than five years. Photograph: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer has become the latest former politician to seek a comeback following scandal by announcing that he plans to run(...)

Former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford celebrates his victory with a large crowd in the South Carolina first district congressional race at Liberty Tap Room in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, on Tuesday. Photograph: Randall Hill/Reuters

Sanford, a Republican, won 54 per cent of the vote, defeating Democratic candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch, a sister of the political sa(...)