Isme chief Mark Fielding said the national minimum wage, which is currently set at €8.65, had failed in its stated task of addressing poverty.

The national minimum wage should be scrapped, a business lobby group has urged.Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association chief executive Mark Fie(...)

Small Firms Association director Patricia Callan says “small firms have now moved from survival mode, to focusing on how they can grow their market share”.  Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Two-thirds of small firms are optimistic of growing this year, with just 6 per cent reporting continuing retrenchment in their business, according t(...)

SME representative association ISME has warned its members about following the lead of larger companies by increasing wages

Irish small and medium sized enterprises are being urged to hold wages level, despite growing momentum favouring wage hikes.In its wage rate expectati(...)

“You get these inflated titles that don’t explain much but make the person sound more important than they are,” says Dublin-based organisational psychologist Sean Ruth.

It used to be so simple. Job titles emerged as a way to let us know what sort of work people did. The benefit was that we knew who to turn to when we (...)

Mark Fielding of Isme called for the Government to amend the legislation. Photograph: Frank Miller

Ireland’s prompt-payment legislation has failed according to Isme, and stronger legislation needs to be introduced. The Isme Credit Watch Survey has f(...)

Few dispute that those stuck on low wages are struggling to make ends meet. But there are sharp differences of opinion over who is responsible for imp(...)

Ibec’s Fergal O’Brien makes the point that data for both sectors is skewed by compositional factors. Photograph: Eric Luke

Unsurprisingly, the Central Statistics Office’s earning stats were seized upon yesterday to bash the public sector.The figures suggested average weekl(...)

The survey found 39 per cent of businesses had been impacted by crime in the past 12 months. Photograph: Frank Miller/ Irish Times

Business owners are not reporting crime because they have no faith that the perpetraters will be apprehended or prosecuted, the Irish Small and Medium(...)

The Department of Education and Science in Dublin. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Five secondary school teachers last year received lump sums of more than €150,000 when retiring from the profession, new figures show.Data provided by(...)

Mark Fielding: said the Government needed to introduce a mandatory 30-day payment period for all businesses. Photograph: Frank Miller

Big business and Government agencies are forcing smaller enterprises to wait more than two months to be paid for the goods and services they supply, (...)