Former Italian prime minister Mario Monti warned anti-Brussels sentiment and rising populism in France threatened to blow the bloc’s Franco-German axis apart. Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Aramark eyes Avoca US food services group Aramark Corporation is lining up a takeover bid for the Avoca retail chain, and could make an offer within w(...)

The only person to serve a second term  as Italian president, Giorgio Napolitano has been in the Quirinale Palace, the official presidential residence, for nine years. Photograph: Reuters

Italy may be headed for another period of political turbulence following the expected resignation today of President Giorgio Napolitano (89).Just befo(...)

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi (centre): while the “demolition man” was going to clean up politics, his 10 months in office have been marked by public administration scandals involving organised crime.  Photograph: Giuseppe Lami/EPA

When Italy’s dynamic 39-year-old prime minister Matteo Renzi first appeared on the international scene this year at EU, G20, Nato and other summits, h(...)

Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Italy’s wants greater flexibility on EU debt rules. Photograph: Olivier Hoslet/EPA

What does Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi want? Greater flexibility on EU debt rules. Rome has been advocating for some time that certain catego(...)

Newly appointed Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi (right) talks with Italian president Giorgio Napolitano during the swearing in ceremony for 16 new ministers at Quirinale palace in Rome today. Photograph: Remo Casilli/Reuters

Italian centre-left leader Matteo Renzi was sworn in as prime minister this morning, taking his oath of office from president Giorgio Napolitan(...)

People take part in a rally calling for lower taxes and better protection for small enterprises in downtown Rome

For how long will the “C” factor work for Italian prime minister-in-waiting Matteo Renzi? The “C” in question stands for “culo” (arse) which co(...)

Italy’s prime minister-designate Matteo Renzi arrives at the lower house of parliament in Rome on Tuesday for talks with parties on setting a government programme and forming a new cabinet. Photograph: Alessandro Di Meo/ EPA

A senior Italian centre-left figure and former minister has suggested that the team of prime minister-in-waiting Matteo Renzi is in a state of (...)

Italy’s prime minister Enrico Letta gestures during a news conference at Chigi Palace in Rome on Wednesday. He resisted  pressure  to resign and let centre-left leader Matteo Renzi form a new government. Photograph: Remo Casilli/Reuters

Italy’s prime minister Enrico Letta faces a showdown with his own centre-left party on Thursday that could lead to his resignation and the appo(...)

Democratic Party leader Matteo Renzi leaves Chigi Palace in Rome after a meeting with Italian prime minister Enrico Letta yesterday. Photograph: Alessandro di Meo/EPA

For the umpteenth time the fate of Italy’s 10-month old coalition government led by Enrico Le(...)

Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi: said to be planning to campaign on an anti-German platform in the  European elections. Photograph: Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi

Silvio Berlusconi is not giving up. Despite a conviction for tax fraud and a ban on him running for office, the billionaire leader of Italy’s centre-r(...)