Demonstrators with the pro-independence Catalan National Assembly hold a giant banner with an image of US president Barack Obama at Plana square in Badalona, near Barcelona. Photograph: Gustau Nacarino/Reuters

With a contentious Catalan referendum on independence from Spain slated to take place in less than four months, pressure is building on the region’(...)

President of Spanish wifi company Gowex, Jenaro Garcia, who announced on Twitter last week that the company’s accounts had been falsified for more than four years. Photograph: Angel Diaz/EPA

To many, attempting to profit from stock market falls is immoral and parasitic. Short sellers, however, see themselves as the detectives of the stock (...)

The pro-choice march in Madrid which features in the film. Photograph: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

There aren’t many films that do not seek to turn a profit and which are available to view online for free the day after opening nationwide. But for th(...)

The Gowex bubble started to burst on June 1st, when US-based investment company Gotham City Research issued a report for its clients in which it warned the Spanish firm’s results were “too good to be true”. Photograph: EPA/Diego Garcia

In March, Jenaro García, then-chief executive of technology firm Gowex, received a business prize from the Spanish prime minister. “A society needs en(...)

Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Italy’s wants greater flexibility on EU debt rules. Photograph: Olivier Hoslet/EPA

What does Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi want? Greater flexibility on EU debt rules. Rome has been advocating for some time that certain catego(...)

In December, the conservative Popular Party  of prime minister Mariano Rajoy unveiled the first version of the Abortion Bill. Photograph: Andrea Comas/Reuters

The Spanish government has reportedly watered down a reform of the abortion law it is preparing to send to parliament, after its original draft law(...)

Rather than directly boosting tax revenue by hiking taxes, the latest reform aims to widen the tax base by reducing available tax breaks

Spain announced on Friday it would cut income tax and reduce corporate tax to 25 per cent for large companies by 2016, aiming to speed up a nascent ec(...)

King Juan Carlos of Spain and his son Felipe arrive for a military ceremony of the San Hermenegildo order held at the monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial on the outskirts of Madrid yesterday. Photograph: EPA/Ballesteros

Spain is preparing for a swift royal succession, following King Juan Carlos’s abdication announcement on Monday, with his son Crown Prince Fel(...)

Spain’s King Juan Carlos makes a televised speech yesterday  in the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid announcing his abdication. Photograph: AP

King Juan Carlos I, credited as a key figure in the building of Spain’s modern democracy, has announced his abdication after nearly four decades on th(...)

Spanish King Juan Carlos I has abdicated in favour of his son Prince Felipe. King Juan Carlos who is 76, has ruled since 1975. Photograph: Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Spain‘s King Juan Carlos said today he would abdicate in favour of his more popular son Prince Felipe in an apparent bid to revive the scandal-hit mon(...)