Google said “it is reasonably possible that resolution with the French tax authorities could result in an adjustment to our tax position”. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Google has confirmed that a large tax assessment was received from French tax authorities in March, in a move that could hit its Irish subsidiary f(...)

Starbucks takeaway cups at a Starbucks in central London, as the coffee shop chain announced it is moving its European headquarters from the Netherlands to the UK following a row over tax avoidance. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Starbucks, the world’s biggest coffee chain, will move its European head office to London from Amsterdam, increasing the amount of tax it pays (...)

Queen Elizabeth II attends the church of St Peter, Wolferton, on the royal Sandringham estate in Norfolk. Photograph: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

British members of parliament criticised Queen Elizabeth’s royal household for blowing its annual budget while neglecting repairs at Buckingham Palace(...)

Margaret Hodge MP: ’The lack of prosecutions against multinational corporations seems at odds with HMRC’s stance on pursuing tax debt from small and medium-sized businesses in the UK.’ Photograph: PA Wire

The UK revenue and customs authorities are failing to take prosecutions against multinational firms over aggressive tax avoidance, MPs said today.The (...)

The BBC “put its reputation at risk” by handing over huge pay-offs to senior staff, according to a committee of senior MPs. Among the excessive payouts given to senior staff were £470,000 to former director-general George Entwistle after only 54 days in the job and £680,000 to former chief operating officer Caroline Thomson. (Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire)

The BBC made “unacceptable” severance payments to senior staff as a result of failures of management and oversight, a panel of MPs said today. The cor(...)

A report from PricewaterhouseCoopers/ the World Bank at first glance tells a very different tale to  reports about Dublin-based multinationals paying very little tax on whopping great turnovers and profits.

The latest Paying Taxes report from PricewaterhouseCoopers/the World Bank at first glance tells a very different tale to the reports carried in this n(...)

The main focus of the SPD’s concern appears to be Angela Merkel’s support for the use of the European Stability Mechanism to directly recapitalise ailing banks across the euro zone

Reports that Ireland’s tax policy has become an issue in coalition talks in Germany between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats and the cen(...)

Once Bono enters the debate in defence of the role played by Ireland, the amount of coverage of the issue in the international media shoots through the roof

Is Bono IDA Ireland’s biggest nightmare?Richard Boyd Barrett may want to bring some multinational executives into Leinster House to give them a Margar(...)

An Apple event in San Jose, California. Huge corporations like Apple, Google and Microsoft could be broken up, as Standard Oil was in the past. Photograph: New York Times

Vodafone’s sale of its US business – one of the biggest corporate deals in history – tells how modern capitalism works. Instead of investing the £84 b(...)

 Of the £84 billion being received by the British mobile phone company, its shareholders are to get £54 billion, via a mix of cash in the form of a special dividend and Verizon shares.  Photograph: Jin Lee/Bloomberg

Everyone’s a winner in the blockbusting Vodafone deal with Verizon, one of the biggest takeover moves in corporate history. Vodafone is cock-a-hoop be(...)