A whistleblower worked as part of the banking inquiry investigation team  and made a number of allegations about those working with the inquiry. File photograph: iStockPhoto/Getty Images

A report into allegations by a whistleblower working with the banking inquiry has recommended no further action be taken. Senior counsel Senan Allen w(...)

‘All to do with an Ireland past, of course. We’re much more tolerant now. Enda pulled out all the stops in the Dáil. In fairness, he’s damn good at this. He oozes compassion and understanding.’

The publication of the Cooke report should have taken our minds off the Tuam babies story, but it didn’t. After the furore caused by the allegations s(...)

Independent Trinity Senator Sean Barrett has been voted onto the banking inquiry. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

The Government’s majority on the banking inquiry is in doubt after a Seanad committee voted to place two Opposition Senators on the long-awaited inves(...)

David Norris thundered that government “lies” and “half-truths” about saving money are shocking. In fact, he reckoned that, when everything was added up and taken into account, abolishing the Seanad could cost in the region of €150 million.

Their poor little faces. Some unkind people started muttering about turkeys before Christmas. We preferred to think of nicely fattened veal calves abo(...)