A man walks past a sculpture outside the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders, in Nanjing. Photograph: China Photos/Getty Images

From nearly 450m high, near the top of the Intercontinental hotel in the former capital Nanjing, you can look down on the eastern Chinese city’s ancie(...)

Xi Jinping samples an Irish coffee while visiting a   farm in Sixmilebridge, Co Clare, during a visit to Ireland in  2012. China’s president has never lacked the common touch. Photograph: Maxwell’s/Reuters

China’s president, Communist Party boss and army chief Xi Jinping bolstered his credentials as a world leader during the recent gathering of Asia-Paci(...)

President Xi Jinping has taken a hard line against dissents and scores of activists, writers and artists have been rounded up in recent months. Photograph: EPA/Takaki Yajima.

A Chinese filmmaker who made a documentary about his country’s constitution has been arrested on charges of “illegal business activities,” just days (...)

A portrait of late Chinese leader Mao Zedong with a credit card sticker: Tie Liu, a 81-year-old writer, whose real name was Huang Zerong, spent over 20 years in prison as a “rightist” during Mao’s campaign. Photograph: Kevin Frayer

Police in Beijing have formally charged Tie Liu, an elderly writer whose memoirs described the plight of victims of Chairman Mao Zedong’s “anti-right(...)

Arguments in the 19th and early 20th Century against extending votes to non-property owners were largely based on the fear that doing so would empower(...)

China’s president, Xi Jinping: “Socialist culture and art is, in essence, the culture and art of the people.” Photograph: Feng Li/Getty Images

The purpose of art is to serve socialism and the people, President Xi Jinping said this week, a stark reminder of China’s undimmed Communist credentia(...)

People gather for a candlelit vigil at Hong Kong’s Victoria Park. Unlike in mainland China, Hong Kong can freely mark the 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square. Photograph: Reuters

China’s annual bout of state-enforced, collective amnesia went into overdrive yesterday on the 25th anniversary of the bloody crackdown on democracy (...)

Director Oliver Stone: “We need to see the history, to talk about great figures like Mao and the Cultural Revolution”. Photograph: Getty Images

The outspoken American film director Oliver Stone caused a stir among officials at the Beijing Film Festival yesterday (...)

An unfinished residence that belongs to former People’s Liberation Army general Gu Junshan, who has been charged with corruption,  according to state news agency Xinhua. Photograph: Reuters

Former People’s Liberation Army general Gu Junshan has been charged with corruption, the Xinhua news agency r(...)

Xiaomi Corp. M1 smart phones running the MIUI operating system are displayed at the company’s headquarters in Beijing, China

In so many ways, the look of the National People’s Congress is old school, a throwback to the heady days of the Cold War with its red flags, it(...)