Opponents of deposed president Mohamed Morsi, stand among police officers after a report of a possible pro-Morsi rally, near Tahrir square, in Cairo on July 23rd 2013. Photograph: Asmaa Waguih/Reuters

A bomb exploded at a police station in a province north of Cairo early on Wednesday, killing one person and wounding 17 others, health ministry and se(...)

An opponent of deposed President Mohamed Morsi dresses the wound of another opponent injured in clashes with pro-Morsi protesters near Tahrir square in Cairo yesterday. Photograph: Reuters/Asmaa Waguih

Nine people were killed in Cairo yesterday in clashes between opponents and Islamist supporters of Egypt’s deposed president Mohamed Morsi, state-run (...)

Supporters of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi run from tear gas fired by riot police during clashes on the Sixth of October Bridge over the Ramsis square area in central Cairo. Photograph: Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters

A spokesman for Egypt’s interim president said today authorities expected Islamist movements to join in national reconciliation, including the Muslim (...)

A volunteer sets off fireworks during call for prayer on first day of Ramadan outside Rabaa Adawiya mosque in Cairo. Photograph: Louafi Larbi/Reuters
Egypt braced for more protests

Egypt is braced for further protests by supporters of ousted president Mohamed Mursi today following a week of clashes that have killed more than 90(...)

Mohamed ElBaradei: has criticised successive rulers of Egypt, from Hosni Mubarak and the generals who replaced him to the now ousted Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi.

He has no army pedigree, lived in the West for decades and has criticised successive rulers of Egypt, from Hosni Mubarak and the generals who repla(...)

A good coup?

Is there such a thing as a “good coup”? Many democrats are agonising over how to support the removal of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi, clearly an e(...)

Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu has asked his ministers to stick to the official line that the unfolding events are an internal Egyptian affair. Photograph: Menahem Kahana-Pool/Getty Images

Although Israeli ministers and generals have been ordered not to comment on developments in Egypt, anonymous officials expressed satisfaction over the(...)

People react as Egyptian military aircraft fly over Tahrir Square in Cairo on  the day after President Mohammed Morsi was ousted from power. Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Egyptian prosecutors escalated what appeared to be a widespread round-up of top Muslim Brotherhood members today, acting hours after the military depo(...)

Supporters of President Mohamed Mursi carry a banner with his pictures during a protest to counter anti-Mursi protests elsewhere in Alexandria, on July 2nd, 2013. Photograph: Reuters

Egypt’s embattled president Mohamed Morsi struck a defiant note early today, vowing to stay in power and defend constitutional legitimacy. But even as(...)