Willie O’Dea:  people’s rights would “depend on the individual whim of their family doctor” when gender recognition should be “a matter of self-determination by the individual concerned”

The Gender Recognition Bill has been described as “a form of Irish solution to an Irish problem”, with the State adopting a “paternalistic approach”.(...)

Members of Germany’s constitutional court: it struck down as unconstitutional a compulsory divorce provision in its transsexual law in 2008.  Photograph: Uli Deck/AFP/Getty Images

The Gender Recognition Bill 2014 has been criticised for several provisions which some people see as too restrictive and exclusionary. These include t(...)

Some 200 people attended a protest outside Dail Eireann on Saturday, organised by the human rights group LGBT NOISE, demanding amendments to the proposed Gender Recognition Bill 2014, which is currently being debated in the Houses of the Oireachtas. Pictured are Daniel Waugh and Annie Hoey. Photograph: Dave Meehan/The Irish Times

Around 200 people attended a rally outside Leinster House today to highlight what they say are significant flaws in the proposed Gender Recognition Bi(...)

Minister of State Kevin Humphreys, who said the amendment was practical and reasonable. Photograph: Davd Sleator/The Irish Times

Minister of State Kevin Humphreys accepted the principle of a Seanad amendment to have the legislation recognising the identity of transgender people(...)

Transgender woman Dr Lydia Foy, who led the legal challenges on gender recognition in Ireland, has welcomed the Bill, but has said it includes ‘unnecessary obstacles’. File photograph: Dylan Vaughan

Leading human rights lawyers have described the Government’s gender recognition Bill as “flawed” and “very disappointing” and have urged that it be br(...)

Lydia Foy. Picture Dylan Vaughan

The Government has paid transgender woman Lydia Foy about €50,000 in compensation for the State’s failure to enact laws that recognise her acquired(...)

Transgender woman Lydia Foy has effectively settled her long-running action against the State aimed at securing a birth certificate in her acquired female gender. Photograph: Frank Miller/The
Irish Times

Transgender woman Lydia Foy has effectively settled her long-running action against the State aimed at securing a birth certificate in her acquired fe(...)

Dr Lydia Foy: High Court ruled in her favour in 2007. Photograph: Frank Miller

In March 1993, almost 21 years ago, transgender woman Lydia Foy wrote to the registrar general asking for a new birth certificate in her female gender(...)

Atlantic Philanthropies Ireand’s Martin O’Brien will deliver the Dave Ellis lecture – in memory of the activist who worked with community groups in Dublin for more than 20 years – at the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin tonight. Photograph: Colm Lenaghan/ Pacemaker

The creation of a better society is most forcefully achieved by changing Government policies and practices, the most senior member of Atlantic Phil(...)

The Government should amend its draft law on gender recognition so as to widen the categories of people who can avail of its provisions, the Irish Hum(...)