Sir, – Why does Lucy Kellaway (“Why are we more vocal about loo rolls than our jobs?”, July 21st) think that being treated “like factory workers” by m(...)

“Anyone with the gumption to reach the boardroom has a grotesquely inflated drive to succeed far more powerful than a factory full of Gucci watches.” Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Last week in the duty-free shop at Stansted airport, I was idly trying on sunglasses and wondering why so many had lenses the size of saucers when I o(...)

“‘Hello Lucy. How are you today? ;)’ Ajay typed.  ‘Fine,’ I typed back. ‘Cool! ;) I’m certain I can help you with this.’” Photograph: Getty Images

One day in 1995, back when the land line and the postage stamp were enjoying their last hurrah, I put in a call to directory enquiries. In those days,(...)

Angela Ahrendts is getting up to $68 million as a welcome gift for joining Apple.  Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

When I read last week that Angela Ahrendts was getting up to $68 million as a welcome gift for joining Apple, my mind skipped at once to her husband. (...)

“‘Your email must have got caught in the spam filter’ is a handy white lie that I have often used to get me out of scrapes, but as filters go on getting better its value is diminishing.” Photograph: Getty Images

Last week I received an automatic reply from a man I had tried to contact saying he was “away from the office with limited access to email”. I (...)

Praise sandwich can be a bitter pill. Photograph: Getty Images

One of the key rules of office life should be: “Always mistrust a free sandwich.” I’ve been in too many meetings in which the laid-on sandwiche(...)

“I made a pot of tea for everyone and, thinking of my mum, even put the milk in a jug”

At the end of every day these items can be found on my desk at work: a large cardboard cup containing a residue of cold, brownish milk; a bag with gre(...)

Nigella Lawson: when she gets tired of teaching the world how to make maple buttercream cup cakes she could teach puffed up MBAs how to deal gracefully with humiliation. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

In the first few days of 2014 three male acquaintances separately took it upon themselves to tell me what a wretched time they were having at work. Th(...)

Just before Christmas I went to meet some close women friends for our annual “festive” afternoon tea. Every year it’s the same old tea- and fizz-fu(...)

With children, age is the first thing we want to know. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Last week I was talking to a group of twenty-something women lawyers who had just started work in the City of London. One told me she was fed up with (...)