“After a few months the boredom hits and they find they aren’t faced with exhilarating work. They are filling in spreadsheets that have no apparent purpose.” Photograph: Getty Images

I live in a house full of millennials, three of whom are having their first skirmishes with working life. Every day I study them, marvelling at how l(...)

 Going by her LinkedIn profile Hillary Clinton believes her role as a grandmother is more interesting to members than her shot at the White House.  Photograph: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

It has taken me 13 years and 414 million people have got there before me, but last week I finally sat down to compose my summary for the networking si(...)

Meg Whitman: Her advice in Davos was “you can always go faster than you think you can”

Last week I received an email from Henry Gomez, head of marketing and communications at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, objecting to a column I’d written (...)

“Most younger people have learnt that there is no such thing as a private joke on email; only idiotic old people persist.”

The other day a columnist at the Financial Times told me that not long ago he had sneaked up to a workmate’s unattended computer and fired off a mess(...)

As Howard Schultz of Starbucks, a superb peddler of drivel, put it: “Innovation is the force that will . . . enable us to expand and increase revenues and profits – always through  the lens of humanity. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Last year was a ripping one for flannel. I know I say that every year, but 2015 broke all records for obfuscation, euphemism and ugliness. Sifting thr(...)

“The new computer-driven technologies were more ruthless than any innovations before them,” says Sherry Lee Linkon, professor of English at Georgetown University.

I hadn’t dared look at it. Almost 13 years after my father had died, there was a box of his papers I could not touch. I feared digging around in case(...)

Swimming in a pool of misleading metaphors can distort your perspective. Photograph: Reuters/Vincent Kessler

On the cover of the latest Harvard Business Review it says in huge letters “The New Rules of Competition”. Underneath are three bullet points, highlig(...)

Integrity is particularly feeble. It makes no sense to assert integrity as a value, as no one would ever dream of asserting the reverse.

A few weeks ago I stood up in front of a group of managers from two dozen well-known companies and forced them to play a parlour game. In advance I ha(...)

If something is important enough to have a meeting about, then a table must be found and people must travel to sit at it. Photograph: Getty

At 10.30am one day last week I got a reminder on my phone saying that at 11am I had to join a conference call. I spent the next 30 minutes mildly drea(...)

A male chief executive’s ideal book club  is just like a board meeting. Photograph: David Sleator

About a decade ago the editor of the Financial Times invited me to a dinner party at his house along with a dozen important people. I was slightly dre(...)