The Drink: Company

When a band delivers lyrics about severed hands and blood transfusions wrapped up in a perky indiepop package, you know it’s no ordinary album(...)

She is a veteran of the modern folk movement, but Ani Di Franco’s 24th studio album finds the New Yorker in a relatively content state of being. (...)

James Mercer is one of the finest indiepop songwriters in operation today, but his early material, released under Flake Music, has hitherto be(...)

The words “scraping” and “barrel” are all too obvious here. So too are “cash” and “in”. It’s a no-brainer that Boyzone have decided to rel(...)

There is only so much that a band can absorb from their influences without sounding either like a complete rip-off or ineffectively diluted. Cork q(...)

Judging by their amusingly honest mission statement (“to capitalise on The Replacements’ reunion and possible accompanying wave of nostalgia for scrap(...)

Alt-J: This Is All Yours

In the midst of riding the “awesome wave” generated by their Mercury Prize-winning 2012 debut, Alt-J lost a member when bassist Gwil Sainsbury left(...)

Purveyors of indie-pop with an anthemic edge, Storyfold are unapologetically in pursuit of a commercial sound, their second album packed full of da(...)

Adam Cohen: We Go Home

At 42, Adam Cohen has no doubt come to terms with the fact that he will never shirk the shadow of his father (that’s Leonard, if you didn’t know). (...)

They initially made their name as a reggae band, but time and success have apparently diluted Soja’s appetite for authenticity. That’s not to say that(...)