A former punk/emo musician who’s turned his hand to folkier, more laid-back fare under a solo guise? We’ve been here before with acts like City and(...)

A band formed from the ashes of hardcore/punk bands Rulers of the Planet and Hope is Noise, Cork’s Slow Motion Heroes take a slightly different an(...)

Danny Todd and James Smith were previously members of Cashier No 9, the Belfast band that split without fulfilling their enormous potential. Luc(...)

Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig: “You have an endless amount of time for your first record, because nobody’s expecting anything”

So you think you know what a perfect opening line is? Try this one: “I had a dream where you were standing there with a gun up to my head / You were (...)

Morrissey’s popularity among Mexicans and Latinos has been well-documented, but now it’s time for his fans to return the favour. A supergroup of Mexic(...)

At this point, Jeff Buckley must rival Elvis when it comes to posthumous releases. Although he only released one studio album, Grace, before dying (...)

Nathaniel Rateliff: “I love to swim laps. It doesn’t look like it, but I have to work out just to stay like this”

A darkened corner of a Dublin whiskey bar, full glass in hand, loud rhythm’n’blues playing over the speakers. You would be hard-pressed to find a bet(...)

“1916 always seemed like this huge mythical thing for me”: Jimmy Sheeran and John Colbert

History always remembers the big events and the important names, but the stories of the bit players should not be forgotten. This viewpoint was the st(...)

If the only exposure you’ve had to Josef Salvat has been via his cover of Rihanna’s pop smash Diamonds, you may be pleasantly surprised by his ful(...)

Tindersticks have always been masters of understatement, so why change a winning formula 24 years in? Given their background in soundtrack compo(...)