As he opened his canvas fold-up seat, and squatted down for duty, it struck Vinny Fitzpatrick the fine folk of Clontarf Harriers were not as far-sight(...)

 Lauren Bacall: cleverness informed every disgraceful anecdote and every barbed aside on long-deceased legends

Coming a day after the more surprising death of Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall’s passing at 89 did not get the coverage it deserved. Moreover, too many(...)

Lauren Bacall moved with a supernatural grace and delivered lines with the assurance of a fallen maharani. Photograph: Baron/Getty Images 1:27

It is poignant to reflect that, when Betty Perske attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts three quarters of a century ago, she fell under the s(...)

Actress Lauren Bacall has died oaged 89 years old. Photograph: by Baron/Getty Images 1:27

Lauren Bacall, the actress whose provocative glamour elevated her to stardom in Hollywood’s golden age and whose lasting mystique put her on a plateau(...)

At Angie’s insistence, the bank holiday morning had begun with a pre-breakfast vigorous series of stretches in the back garden at Mount Prospect Avenu(...)

Photograph: Getty Images

There seems to be a lot of peekaboo action in the shops, with bits and bobs visible through holes and cut-outs . Is this actually a trend or are th(...)

In 1938, the extraordinary, multi-talented 18-year-old Mickey Rooney was America’s No 1 box-office star, earning more than $300,000 annually. I(...)

Vinny Fitzpatrick didn’t usually wear sunglasses but on this Monday morning, a part of him was glad he did. They were a decent pair too, wraparound je(...)