Justin Gatlin of USA celebrates after he won gold in the men’s 100 Metres final on August 7th, 2005 in Helsinki, Finland. Photograph: Michael Steele/Getty Images.

We are assured sponsorship in sport has gone far beyond sticking telly ads on at half-time. But amidst all the digital whizz-bangs one thing remain(...)

Dividing people into winners and losers might seem like weirdly reductive behaviour, but Alastair Campbell was once the British Labour Party’s director of communication and strategy, where he thrived on reduction. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

On the cover of Alastair Campbell’s new book, Winners and How They Succeed, there’s a big number “1” made from the names of the subjects and interv(...)

Cycling boss Brian Cookson has slated Lance Armstrong’s plans to ride the Tour de France route for charity. Photograph: PA

Cycling boss Brian Cookson has branded Lance Armstrong “completely disrespectful” for aiming to ride the Tour de France route this summer for charity.(...)

The CIRC report gave a damning view of efforts by former UCI president Hein Verbruggen (left) to protect Lance Armstrong. Photograph: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images

The course of cycling through this decade and well into the next is likely to be dictated by two weighty documents and two key dates: the Usada “reas(...)

Pat McQuaid:  “The report completely clears me of any corruption, any wrongdoing or any complicity in doping,” he said on RTÉ radio. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images.

Although the Cycling Independent Reform Commission (CIRC)’s report into the actions of cycling’s world governing body, the UCI, was widely interprete(...)

A report has accused the UCI of colluding with drug cheat Lance Armstrong. Photograph: Afp 1:57

Lasting 13 months and including a panel of three very experienced individuals, the Cycling Independent Reform Commission commissioned by the UCI in th(...)

 Lance Armstrong and UCI president Hein Verbruggen, who was head of the organisation which is said to have colluded with the disgraced cyclist to protect his status in the sport. Photograph: AFP 1:57

A damning report published on Monday shows how cycling’s world governing body, the UCI, colluded with Lance Armstrong from 1999 to 2009 to circumvent (...)

“The report completely clears me of any corruption, any wrongdoing or any complicity in doping,” former UCI president told RTÉ radio. Photograph: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

Former president of the International Cycling Union (UCI) Pat McQuaid says a highly critical report on doping within the sport does not reflect poorly(...)

Former UCI presidents Hein Verbruggen and Pat McQuaid have been accused of failing to follow their own anti-doping regulations and not holding Lance Armstrong to the same rules that other riders were expected to follow. Photograph: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images

A report has accused previous leaders of cycling’s world governing body the International Cycling Union (UCI) of undermining anti-doping efforts an(...)

Alex  Rodriguez: hardly the first steroid user to come back to the diamond, he  is the most brazen and obstinate of them all. Photo:  Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As he prepared to return from a one-year suspension for steroid use, the erstwhile New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez did what any narcissi(...)