Life’s work: the first folio of William Shakespeare’s plays, from 1623. Photograph:  Graeme Robertson/Getty

Colm Tóibín Author Favourite play: Hamlet gave me permission to put an antic disposition on whenever the notion took me, to go all melancholy any(...)

 Actor Michael Fassbender. Photograph: Matt Carr/Getty Images

It’s January 2013, and Michael Fassbender is sheltering from the icy mountain winds in a class of faux-Alpine lodge near a lake in Co Wicklow. Obvious(...)

Richard the third

What motivates you? a) Extreme badness b) The crown, ambition, and your brother’s wife c) Peacetime boredom d) Power, greed and the need (...)

Archbishop of Dublin, Most Rev Michael Jackson: sectarianism  ‘insufficiently explored  in the Republic’. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

There was a little of Lady Macbeth in the reaction of some in the Church of Ireland to Archbishop Michael Jackson’s recent observations on sectarianis(...)

They were outside a pricey clothes shop in Grafton Street (is there any other kind?). They were in their late 50s I would say, and married I would als(...)