Kevin Gardiner:  in his new book, Making Sense of Markets, he tells the story of how he coined the term “Celtic Tiger”, and how he has tried to live it down ever since. Photograph: Frank Miller.

Several people have laid claim to originating the term “Celtic Tiger”. The person who actually first coined the phrase has expressed regret several ti(...)

Kevin Gardiner is credited with first using the term in a report for Morgan Stanley, forecasting more than a decade of surging economic growth for the country. Photograph: Frank Miller /Irish Times

The man who coined the term Celtic Tiger has resigned from his role as chief investment officer for Europe at Barclays bank. Kevin Gardin(...)

Former taoiseach John Bruton, Chairman of IFSC Ireland

There will be yet another invasion of chalk-striped suits in the city next Tuesday, when the Federation of International Banks in Ireland (FIBI), a di(...)

Not that the argument ever really went away, but there have been a lot of headlines in the past week or so saying that China is heading for a fall and(...)