Drop and give me 20, grunt: Irish Defence Forces trainees at the Curragh boot camp, in Recruits

You come into work one day and your boss puts his face in yours and roars, “You look like a f***ing bag of shite.” Do you a) tell him to f**k off, he’(...)

 Kathryn Thomas, Sarah Geraghty, Barbara Ennis and Louise Reilly emerge from the sea

‘A seven-day bootcamp? That’s intense.” When a Dublin county footballer sounds alarmed at a fitness plan, doubts set in. Some friends had visio(...)

Photograph: Dennis Hallinan/Jupiter/Getty

Another year, another round of auspicious anniversaries, whether we want it or not. One might think that 2015 would be relatively light on commemor(...)

A study of the showering habits of 100 families over a 10-day period (or 2,600 showers) by multi-national consumer goods firm Unilever found that the average shower lasted for eight minutes and used 62 litres of water. Photograph: Getty Images.

You learn something new every day. On RTÉ Radio’s The John Murray Show on Wednesday, stand-in host Kathryn Thomas opened up to her listeners. “I lo(...)

Una McKevitt: talking about her play Singlehood led to a discussion of online dating. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Conversations about the big scary internet never go particularly well on radio, especially on RTÉ Radio 1, where half the time is spent explaining (...)

Rwandese refugees cross Rusumo border to Tanzania from Rwanda in  May, 1994. Phorograph:  REUTERS/Jeremiah Kamau/Files

Since Shakespeare wrote about it being the food of love, the idea of music as a positive force has been embedded in our psyches. In common with oth(...)

It starts just after the solstice. It’s a bit brighter in the mornings, the thrush tries a few notes from the garden hedge and one evening you see a h(...)

Rosanna Davison: finishing the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin. Photograph: Arthur Carron/Collins

When did you start running and why?I started running in primary school. Every day, we had to run a 6km loop of the school. It was a warm-up for hockey(...)

Weighty issues: the record of Jim Larkin’s arrest, which is on display at the Dublin Lockout exhibition at the National Library of Ireland. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA

Over the past century the labour movement in Ireland has had an ambivalent, if not hostile, relationship with the dominant political brand of national(...)

John Brennan: has explicitly defended what is called ‘advanced interrogation’. Photograph: Getty Images

The Christian Science Monitor has described John Brennan as America’s “assassination tsar”. But this doesn’t seem to have damaged his image in parts o(...)