Connected: Alanna, Nicole, Elayne, Venetia, Anna and Kate

If you’re going to boast you may as well boast big, and Connected (RTÉ Two, Monday-Thursday) says it’s “a time capsule of what life is like for women (...)

We are all Downtonians now. In a recent televised speech, union leader Frances O’Grady warned that the UK was turning into Downton Abbey. This was int(...)

The soaps and jungle exploits may be moving channel, but the home production pipeline continues to thicken and the shiny floor shows are going nowhere(...)

Boxed in: Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Nidge in last weekend’s Love/Hate finale

Such was the hype ahead of the finale of Love/Hate (RTÉ One, Sunday) that Stuart Carolan, its writer, and David Caffrey, its director, could have deli(...)

Why has it taken so long for Allen Leech to become a household name? It is a blasted outrage. Those bally blackguards in the media should be horsewhip(...)

I can’t believe it’s not butter: Maria Schneider and Marlon Brando in ‘Last Tango in Paris’. Photograph: AP

This week we’re talking about controversial images on television. I know what you’re thinking. Last Sunday, Irish viewers were subjected to an unexpec(...)