There is evidence that exposing infants to a wide range of tastes at an early stage will lead to healthier eating later in life. Photograph: Thinkstock

‘Is this one of the worst wrong turns in the history of parenting advice?” was the rather dramatic introductory sentence in a New Scientist article la(...)

Prof Jonathan Hourihane said the UCC First Responder Anaphylaxis Autoinjector Programme was suspended in 2011 over concerns about administering a prescription-only medicine to a person who had not had that medicine prescribed.  Photograph: Thinkstock

The Government is being urged to legislate for a potentially life-saving anaphylaxis pilot initiative at an Irish university.Allergy expert Prof Jonat(...)

Teenager injecting with Epipen after an attack. Photograph: Getty Images

Twenty minutes after eating a meal during a family get-together in December, 14-year-old Emma Sloan was dead. Suffering from a severe peanut al(...)

Emma Martin with her son, James (10), who has numerous allergies, at their home in Monkstown, Co Dublin. Photographs: Brenda Fitzsimons

The death in Dublin last month of a teenager with a peanut allergy, minutes after suffering a fatal reaction when she mistakenly ate satay sauce, w(...)

Tropical summer fruit salad.

The least scary part of Halloween should be the treats, but for many they are a nightmare. It’s a good idea to think ahead this mid-term break and hav(...)