Prof Jonathan Coleman: cutting-edge research into  transforming  ‘exfoliated nanosheets into bespoke 2D inks’

A professor in the School of Physics at Trinity College Dublin, has received a €2.2 million European grant to help him further his work on novel metho(...)

Dr David Mckeown, based at UCD is using maths to control space rocket vibrations

Science is about asking questions, and then by figuring out answers we can solve some of life’s great mysteries and problems. Some of the questions Ir(...)

Jonathan Coleman, a professor of chemical physics at TCD. He led the research into wearable sensors using graphene and rubber bands.

Irish scientists have discovered a new method of creating wearable sensors, by adding graphene to shop-bought rubber bands.The scientists, part of th(...)

Prof Valeria Nicolosi and Prof Jonathan Coleman, whose teams are leading the charge on 2D materials at the Amber research centre at Trinity. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The future is flat, and things will never be the same, according to 180 scientists who are attending a conference in Dublin. The latest flat techno(...)

Prof Jonathan Coleman: “We demoed the process in a Kenwood blender from Argos worth €39.95 and added a bit of Fairy Liquid.”

Irish scientists have registered a world first in the production of a substance called graphene, an advanced material that looks set to revolutioni(...)

Prof Valeria Nicolosi: “We need alternative – and better – ways of storing energy.”

Energy. If you don’t have it where and when you need it, you could soon be in trouble. Trinity scientist Prof Valeria Nicolosi reckons that we could s(...)