“Eight-year-olds worry about their weight, and 13-year-olds worry about whether they are ‘hot’ enough,” says author  Steve Biddulph. Photograph: Thinkstock

‘Fourteen is the new 18,” is what parenting educator and author Steve Biddulph hears all the time from mothers talking about their daughters. “(...)

Listen to your daughter’s point of view without being defensive. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I split up with my wife eight months ago and it is becoming hard to see my 12-year-old daughter. She seems to be really angry with me and blames me (...)

Having a family meal or evening once a week might help encourage communication with your teenage daughter. Photograph: Getty Images

Q My 15-year-old daughter hasn’t said anything more than “Yeah” or “No”(...)

Q I was wondering if you could offer any advice with regard to our seve(...)

Taking time to think and talk through what you are thinking and feeling might help you clarify what you can reasonably hope for from the relationship  and what you might have to accept. Photograph: Getty Images

Q I have been married for 26 years and have drifted apart from my husband to the point that we almost live separate lives. Our three children are all (...)

Q I took my child to the GP due to a chest infection and as part of the examination he weighed my son and indicated that he thought he was overweight (...)

The human mind is not rational when it comes to assessing risk and excessive anxiety can be triggered. Photograph: Getty Images

Q We hope you may be able to help: our eight-year-old daughter has recently developed a fear of being kidnapped to the extent that she will now not sl(...)

Q I’m a mother for the first time, to a beautiful daughter who is now six months old. My problem is that I’m being constantly bombarded by advice from(...)

The battle of the brush: the problem with washing teeth could stem from a sensory experience that the child finds challenging. Photograph: Getty Images

Q My son, who is just six years old, has always resisted us brushing his teeth. Each wash becomes a battle that we often lose. I really don’t want him(...)

Ask for the views of everyone as to how things are and how they might be better in your family. Photograph: Getty Images

Q My wife and I had a challenging and busy year in 2013. I was putting in crazy hours at work and then my wife was sick for a period, which became qui(...)