Teenagers can benefit from having a different type of relationship with both parents, which can offer them two sources of support and two opportunities to talk. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q My 15-year-old daughter seems to be unhappy all the time, and my wife and I are worried about her. She seems down in the dumps and spends a lot of h(...)

The hierarchy dynamic between twins and is very similar to the dynamic that can happen between two siblings in the same family who are close in age.

Q I have identical twin boys who just turned four over Christmas. They are two great boys, full of energy and most of the time they get on really wel(...)

When you witness a burst of self-criticism, it is first important to acknowledge your son’s feelings and help him understand them.

Q My seven-year-old son can be really self-critical. When he can’t do something, he sometimes has a meltdown and starts saying that he is stupid or t(...)

Q We have a seven-month-old son who is very placid and content. He was breastfed exclusively up until we started introducing solids at 5½ months and t(...)

Many young people and adults are using technology so frequently that it is interfering in normal family relationships and it has replaced many other healthy childhood pursuits. Photograph: Thinkstock

My son, who is 13, is completely addicted to technology, particularly online gaming which he would happily spend the entire day on if he was allowed.(...)

No matter how much pocket money a child gets, they should always be taught to put aside 10 per cent

When should parents start teaching their children about cash and all the good and bad things it brings? And would a better grounding in personal fi(...)

Donna Gray with her children, Alex aged 7 and Jake aged 4. The boys are pictured with their Share Box, one of the many tips Donna picked up at the Parenting Plus course in Ballybay creche, in Co Monaghan. Photograph: Philip Fitzpatrick

‘Press the pause button” sounds simple, but it’s easier said than done not to react to a tantruming toddler, a demanding tween or a ranting teenage(...)

Sleep training requires a lot of patience and does not yield immediate results. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q: My grandson is 21 months old and his parents have never had a full night’s sleep. He wakes constantly and they are at their wits’ end to know ho(...)

Get your girls away from the TV with a family health project. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I am a mum of two lovely girls, who are seven and just nine. Although they are doing very well and I have no major problems with them, I often feel (...)

Before answering any question, ask your children what they might know already. For example, in an open curious tone, ask them: where did you hear about that? Photograph: Getty Images.

With the same-sex marriage referendum dominating the news, many parents are wondering how they should talk to their children about the issues raised. (...)