Numb: Diary of a War Correspondent, published this month by Liberties Press, purports to tell the story of well known journalist Alan Buckby (not his real name) who led a double life as a sadomasochistic rapist and killer.

The ghost-writer of a new memoir about a deceased war correspondent has said the book, which details the journalist’s role in a gang rape and a mur(...)

Some of the Santa letters from all over Ireland at the GPO in Dublin before being forwarded to the North Pole. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

An Post has apologised after a three-year-old Dublin girl’s letter to Santa Claus was returned to her home. Speaking on RTÉ’s John Murray Show, Alan C(...)

A study of the showering habits of 100 families over a 10-day period (or 2,600 showers) by multi-national consumer goods firm Unilever found that the average shower lasted for eight minutes and used 62 litres of water. Photograph: Getty Images.

You learn something new every day. On RTÉ Radio’s The John Murray Show on Wednesday, stand-in host Kathryn Thomas opened up to her listeners. “I lo(...)

Rwandese refugees cross Rusumo border to Tanzania from Rwanda in  May, 1994. Phorograph:  REUTERS/Jeremiah Kamau/Files

Since Shakespeare wrote about it being the food of love, the idea of music as a positive force has been embedded in our psyches. In common with oth(...)

Clare manager Davy Fitzgerald with the Liam McCarthy Cup amid the Clare hurling team’s homecoming after winning the All-Ireland final at the weekend. Photograph: James Crombie/Inpho

Clare hurling manager Davy Fitzgerald has admitted he was very badly bullied while he was a school student. Fitzgerald said there was a two- to three-(...)

Broadcaster Pat Kenny’s move to to Newstalk has been accompanied by a promotional campaign imploring listeners to  “Move the dial”. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

RTÉ was already preparing for the departure of Pat Kenny before he announced he was moving to Newstalk, the head of Radio 1 has said. Tom McGuire said(...)

John Brennan: has explicitly defended what is called ‘advanced interrogation’. Photograph: Getty Images

The Christian Science Monitor has described John Brennan as America’s “assassination tsar”. But this doesn’t seem to have damaged his image in parts o(...)

Presenter Sean O’Rourke said he was ‘excited’ at the prospect of taking over from Pat Kenny. Photograph: Eric Luke/Irish Times

Veteran RTÉ broadcaster Seán O’Rourke said today he was “excited” at the prospect of taking over from Pat Kenny as presenter of the station’s mid-morn(...)

We may be losing our religion, but many of us clearly still believe in saints. The idea of the national broadcaster devoting four hours of airt(...)

SDLP leader John Hume taking a break during final deliberations of the Belfast Agreement in April, 1998

Simon Carswell, Washington Correspondent Northern Ireland still requires “urgent work” and faces “more tests to come”, US president Barac(...)