A gale of opprobrium blew up over comments by economist Colm McCarthy deriding any further investment in wind energy

Colm McCarthy, the clever but contrarian UCD economist, doesn’t mince his words. He prefers instead to mince the targets of his ire, which last weeken(...)

John Mullins: chief executive of Amarenco Solar.

Former chief executives of Bord Gáis and energy giant SSE have both invested in Climote, a smart home technology company headquartered in Dundalk. Jo(...)

John Mullins, associate professor of management at London Business School

Getting your exciting start-up business fully funded by venture capitalists may be the Holy Grail for some entrepreneurs but not everyone agrees. John(...)

The former Bord Gáis chief executive John Mullins is still hungry to succeed. He has teamed up with his friend Aidan Murphy, the former directo(...)

Amarenco, which was set up by Mr Mullins last year following his exit from Bord Gáis, is involved in the setting up of a £100 million (€120 million) fund to invest in solar projects in southwest England.

Amarenco, the renewables company set up by former Bord Gá is chief executive John Mullins, says it is in “advanced(...)

David Bunworth: marketing has a massive role

Marketers “are probably the worst communicators”, says David Bunworth, the former Bord Gáis Energy managing director and Aer Lingus commercial (...)

 There are approximately 1,000 water systems around the State being brought under the new company’s control. It will have about 1.8 million customers, 1.6 million of whom will be domestic users.

The €86 million paid for consultancy services by Irish Water since its establishment is not off kilter with common practice in the establishment of ne(...)

Cork-born business leaders gathered in City Hall yesterday for an economic conference as part of Rebel Week, a local authority-organised Gathering fes(...)

Martyred lord mayor Terence MacSwiney: the exhibition features material from the revolutionary period in Cork from the establishment of the Irish Volunteers in the city in 1913-14 up to the start of the Civil War

BARRY ROCHE An exhibition telling the story of Cork’s martyred lord mayors, Tomas Mac Curtain and Terence MacSwiney along with their successor, Dona(...)

The chairman of the Global Cork Economic Forum, John Mullins (left), outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London, inviting London-based Cork native Nick Howard of Amarenco Solar to the Global Cork Economic Forum

The inaugural Global Cork Economic Forum is taking place in Cork this Thursday, as part of the flagship Cork Gathering event Rebel Week.Greencore chie(...)