Masked  youths rioting in North Belfast in November 2005. “If you don’t give people who were involved in the conflict the chance to avail of the services that are available to the general public, then it makes it more difficult for these groups to civilianise.” File photograph: Paul Faith/PA

A panel of experts is scheduled to present a report on disbanding paramilitary groups after the Stormont Assembly election on May 5th. The Fresh Star(...)

A man strolls past a mural depicting a paramilitary fighter in the Shankill Road in Belfast. File photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

Newly compiled figures reveal the scale of ongoing paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland, with 1,100 bombings and shootings over the last decade, (...)

Chief Supt Harry Breen was murdered in 1989. Photograph: Pacemaker

A solicitor for the family of an RUC officer whose murder was found by the Smithwick Tribunal to be linked to Garda collusion with the IRA has launche(...)

In their critique of Judge Smithwick’s report, the three retired gardaí state that they have “followed the same journey as the tribunal” and “walked i(...)

An undated handout photo  of Supt Bob Buchanan who was gunned down, along with Chief Supt Harry Breen, on March 20th, 1989,  in south Armagh. Photograph: McCartan Turkington Breen/PA Wire.

The family of Harry Breen have said all their fears have been realised by the Smithwick Tribunal’s findings.Lawyers for the respected officer’s widow(...)

A detective has said information given by the PSNI to the tribunal about possible collusion between gardaí and the IRA was so brief it could not be tested.

A senior Garda officer responsible for gathering intelligence and combating terrorist activities has said the PSNI has only shared information (...)