75-78 St Stephen’s Green: bought by Charles Stuart Parnell in 1867. Photograph: Eric Luke

75-78 St Stephen’s Green In 1867 Charles Stuart Parnell bought four houses – 75-78 – on the southern side of St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, from S(...)

Cardinal Newman: his ideas ran counter to a modern emphasis on achieving high grades through competitive learning. Photograph: AP/Catholic Church

In 1854, Cardinal John Henry Newman began writing what remains the world’s most famous essay on higher education, The Idea of a University. The sam(...)

The former president, Dr Mary McAleese, has criticised the Catholic Church for being in denial about homosexuality for decades, and has criticised pop(...)

Charles Kingsley (1819-1875) won most of the prizes. An Anglican priest, he became canon of Westminster Abbey. Hardly a great scholar, he was n(...)