Bright prospects? If Chinese workers continue to retire at 60, by 2030 the ratio of workers to retirees will drop precipitously from roughly 5:1 today to just 2:1.. Photograph:  EPA/HOW HWEE YOUNG

The rise of China to become a major world economy is one of the big changes in the world economic order over the last quarter century. That rise to ec(...)

Best Shops winner (gift/design/interiors) in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. Photograph; Dara Mac Donaill 2:29

The Burren Perfumery, Co Clare  What a year it’s been for The Burren Perfumery, situated in Carron, Co Clare. Since winning the Best (...)

Prof John McHale, chairman, and Eddie Casey, economist, at the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council: it finds the Department of Finance’s latest medium-term scenario for the public finances “wholly unrealistic”. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Now that the economy is recovering, it is important to learn from past mistakes and pursue sustainable fiscal policies. Concerns have been expressed (...)

European Central Bank president Mario Draghi: the ECB fire brigade was late arriving to do “whatever it takes” in 2012 and, again, to take action to move the rate of inflation back towards its target of 2 per cent. Nonetheless, the ECB did take action. Photograph: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

When the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) was set up, a lot of work went into specifying the governance and objectives of the European Central Bank ((...)

Italian airline Alitalia’s planes are registered in Ireland because they are leased from an Irish company

For decades the National Accounts has been the bible for economists studying the economy. The most common simple measure of economic welfare is GDP, t(...)

Brendan Howlin: ‘Michael Noonan and I share two core goals and we intend to make good on both. We were elected to fix the economy and the public finances. We are well on the way to doing so.’   Photograph: Aidan Crawley

One of the less discussed impacts of the recession may well be its long term effect on the economics profession. As John FitzGerald indicated when (...)

A new advisory council on climate change, tasked with overseeing Ireland’s transition to a low carbon economy, has been established by Minister for Environment Alan Kelly.

A new advisory council on climate change, tasked with overseeing Ireland’s transition to a low carbon economy, has been established by Minister for En(...)

Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly: he told the committee the proposals to establish domestic mitigation targets did not take into account the legally-binding targets already imposed on Ireland by the EU

Amendments seeking the removal of four State-backed agencies from the new expert group on climate change have been ruled out of order by the Oireac(...)

When the European Union set course for economic and monetary union (EMU) in the early 1990s there was extensive debate in Ireland and elsewhere on whe(...)

“If guaranteed independence is good enough for advice on the fiscal budget why not for climate policy?”

Opposition TDs are seeking to have four State-backed agencies removed from a new expert group on climate change in a bid to preserve its independenc(...)