While the market share of Irish-owned retail firms has declined, the new entrants, such as H&M, Zara and Ikea, have brought variety and competition to the Irish retail sector, driving down prices

If you walk around the main shopping districts of Dublin, Cork and Galway, many of the shops you see are part of UK-based retail chains, such Marks &a(...)

Andy McCue: got more than €3.7 million in salary, benefits and shares in 2015. Photograph: Gary O’Neill

Brexit This week marked the first full week of formal campaigning in the upcoming UK referendum on EU membership – and there was wall-to- wall covera(...)

Economist and Irish Times columnust John Fitzgerald was speaking at an Irish Times event on Wednesday. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill/The Irish Times

The Government needs to prepare for the potentially “massively destabilising” effect of Britain leaving the European Union, former head of the ESRI J(...)

Acting Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the launch of census 2016 las month. “In recent decades, a vital area of information provided by the census has been details on the characteristics of returning emigrants and immigrants.” Photograph: Conor McCabe Photography

The census on Sunday week will be the 27th in a regular series that began almost 200 years ago in 1821. Throughout the 19th century a census was under(...)

Ian Read, chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer, and Brent Saunders, president and chief executive officer of Allergan. This week’s announcement was seen as being directed particularly at the Pfizer-Allergan deal. Photograph: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg

As Pfizer and Allergan bowed to the inevitable and dropped their plan for a $160 billion (€140.6bn) deal that would have seen America’s largest pharm(...)

The elevated standard of living in Northern Ireland is funded by a very large transfer from government in London. In 2013-14 it was more than a quarter of the  North’s GDP

In December, the Northern Ireland Statistical Office (NISRA) published new data for the North which provide a better picture of the structure of its e(...)

 Conor O’Kelly, CEO of the National Treasury Management Agency: Ireland’s success in weathering the storm  owes a significant amount to the successful management of the crisis by the NTMA. Photograph: Sara Freund / The Irish Times

One of the major legacies of the financial crisis has been a massive build-up of government debt, as well as a crisis in private debt. At the height o(...)

 Indications of rapid growth: Managing the economy and avoiding another boom-bust cycle will take skill. Having a government would help. Photograph: Steve Hix/Somos Images/Corbis

Since the middle of 2012 the Irish economy has returned to a sustained period of rapid growth. This recovery is confirmed by employment figures, which(...)

A shared shared ownership housing development in north London: the London Housing Commission called for greater control to be given to the mayor  and  boroughs in exchange for a commitment to increase the number of homes being built. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Wire

A key problem facing the incoming government will be how to get housing construction going again to respond to pressing needs. While in Ireland it has(...)

A demonstrator wears a hard hat with a tap on the top during a Right2Change protest in February. Photograph: Caroline Quinn/AFP/Getty Images

On radio yesterday morning, the newly elected People before Profit TD Bríd Smith suggested Irish Water should be closed down, the workers reassigned t(...)