One voter in Dublin West did not seem to like any of the candidates on the ballot paper and added their preferred nominee for the Dáil - Conor McGregor, with a tick beside his name.

Several ballot papers in at least four constituencies were deemed inadmissible as they had not been stamped at polling stations. An investigation has(...)

Labour’s Joanna Tuffy: I am relatively happy . . . I feel momentum going towards us. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Private polling research by the Labour Party has given it hope that it could capitalise on concerns of a large block of non-Coalition supporters that(...)

Chronic diseases are frequently brought about by poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and lack of exercise. Photograph: Getty Images

Over half of premature deaths are now due to patient behaviour and social factors, while only 10 per cent are due to medical factors, a healthcare con(...)

John Dwyer is one of the most prolific musicians at work,having been in 13 bands since 1997, including Pink and Brown and Coachwhips, but it is(...)