The Dublin playwright, journalist and teacher Aodhán Madden, who has died aged 67, wrote award-winning plays for the stage as well as radio plays, a s(...)

Prof John Boland of the science centre Amber

A solution to increase the speed of interaction between the central processing unit and the memory of a computer or electronic device has been develop(...)

‘One would have thought that NaCl would have been studied to death by now, but we discovered a new morphology for table salt’

Could table salt be used to make nano-wires? Scientists at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Cambridge have discovered that crystals of NaC(...)

Believe it or not: Sky turned to debt-collectors after our reader tried to cancel her subscription. Photograph: David Jones/PA Wire

Sky’s the limit when it came to cancelling a subscriptionA reader called Rebecca was shocked last Thursday when she was contacted by a debt-collection(...)

You can’t beat hydrogen as a clean-tech fuel. When it burns to produce energy the only thing left behind is pure water – no chemicals, no particulates

The use of hydrogen as a general purpose transport fuel may have taken a step closer given a research announcement at Trinity College Dublin. Scientis(...)

The former editor of the
 Evening Press, 
Sean Ward, at the funeral of journalist and sports columnist Con Houlihan in August 2012

Seán Ward, who has died aged 79, was editor of the now defunct Evening Press from 1970 until 1992. A trusted and respected editor, he oversaw publicat(...)

How’s your phone battery doing? As consumers we generally want that juice to last between charges, so we can avoid that anxious niggle of a dwi(...)

Prof John Boland, who has just landed a €2.5m research grant from the Advanced European Research Council.  Photograph: Cyril Byrne

‘I t’s like throwing spaghetti on a plate.” It’s not often you hear a scientist describing a technique in such accessible culinary terms, but f(...)

Prof John Boland, director of Crann: awarded a €2.5 million research grant by the European Research Council.  Photograph: David Sleator

Prof John Boland, director of the Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices (Crann) at Trinity College Dublin has b(...)