BT Young Scientist: find an innovative idea with a tight focus, for a spot at the RDS. Photograph: Colm Mahady

The deadline for applying for the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition is September 29th. Last year there were more than 2,000 entries fo(...)

A batch of typical ecstasy pills stamped with Mitsubishi and love heart logos.

The tragic death of drama student Ana Hick, who is reported to have taken ecstasy before collapsing outside a Dublin nightclub on Saturday night, has (...)

The Government should consider introducing a “no jab, no pay” policy on vaccinations similar to that planned in Australia, according to the Irish Pati(...)

 Mary Mitchell O’Connor: alarmed by the volume of messages she has had from constituents against Government plans to end the availability of cheap alcohol.

A south Dublin TD has expressed her “alarm” at the volume of messages she has had from constituents against Government plans to end the availability o(...)

Seán Crowe (Sinn Féin):  said drugs taskforces had suffered funding cuts while having alcohol added to their remit

Drug-related deaths have increased by 50 per cent since records began in 2004, according to the Minister for Health. Leo Varadkar there had been a sl(...)

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug globally and its popularity is growing with young people

Young people who take cannabis regularly are over 60 per cent less likely to finish school or get a degree compared with those who have never used (...)

Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Darren Balfe reaches under the sink and takes out a cornflakes box. From it he produces a plastic bag containing a nearly empty plastic bottle with(...)

Considerable progress has been made in dealing with issues of overcrowding, drug abuse and violence within the prison system. Reports from visiting co(...)

 Minister of State Alex White: expressed his concerns about a 30 per cent increase in ambulance call-outs during the event last year.  Photograph: David Sleator

Diageo, the multinational drinks company behind Arthur’s Day, had invented the event as “a pseudo-national holiday” to market its products, particular(...)

Prof Aiden McCormack of the Irish Society of Gastroenterology accused the alcohol industry of a “conflict of interest” in promoting moderation while at the same time trying to sell product. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

The alcohol industry’s efforts to curb excessive drinking are ”a joke” and actually encourage greater consumption, leading doctors have claimed(...)