Don’t let the name mislead you: Emilie & Ogden is not a duo – at least, not in the way you may think. In fact, the debut album of Montreal(...)

You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs (as the song goes), but in fact the opposite – the anti-love song – is desperatel(...)

 Know your art from your elbow: graffiti by Sums at this year’s Bridge Jam street-art festival in Drogheda, Co Louth

You can coast through school on a diet of whatever you’re told and what your friends like, but college is different. Now you have to be a cultural (...)

There are undeniable parallels between the music of Julia Holter and the music of other artists with a quirky incline: think Joanna Newsom and Juli(...)

Nick Hornby devoted a chapter of his book 31 Songs to Mark Mulcahy’s track, Hey Self Defeater. Prince once gave him his Paisley Park studio for three months in the hope a new album would emerge

Mark Mulcahy is a complete and utter cult. He’s the cult musician other cult musicians call “The Boss”. He is indie pop’s version of the masonic hands(...)

From The Jungle Book and The Beach Boys to Joanna Newsom and Rufus Wainwright, Van Dyke Parks has long been the arranger and musician of choice for(...)