Various: New Orleans Soul

Soul Jazz has done sterling work mining the Crescent City’s musical archives and they’ve focused on funk and jazz for previous sets. Here it’s soul si(...)

When Austrian producer Oliver Johnson goes to work, you’re guaranteed some superlative sounds to come out the other end. His 2005 debut When Planet(...)

Vashti Bunyan: Heartleap

There are many fantastic yarns in Vashti Bunyan’s back-story, be it her discovery by Rolling Stones’ manager Andrew Loog Oldham to the years spent tra(...)

The developmental arc between Paul Alwright’s brace of LD50 sets and this album is admirable. The former were about him locating his place on the f(...)

Kindness: Otherness

Adam Bainbridge trotted into view two years ago with a debut album of languid, sultry, wistful dance-funk. Otherness also inhabits that space where(...)

One expects certain things from a collaboration between LCD Soundsystem founder/drummer Pat Mahoney and fellow DFA/ Run Roc label luminary Dennis M(...)

Do you need another social network in your life? If you’re growing increasingly uneasy about how much data Mark Zuckerburg and his Facebook bros ho(...)

The cast of Glimore Girls
Ticket stubs: happy Gilmore days

People said that listening to Carole King’s Where You Lead on repeat every day since the Gilmore Girls ended in 2007 wouldn’t help take the pain away.(...)

From left: Rasam chefs Gagan Dhingra, Dayal Singh Negi, Govindharaj Sundaram and head chef Anubhav Srivastava

Irish tastes heat up “When we opened in 2003, roughly 75 per cent of guests ordered creamy and mild dishes, but this is steadily decreasing and t(...)

Moiré: Shelter

London producer Moiré inhabits an interesting space. There are others who dwell out here on the margins of leftfield house and techno – his label boss(...)