There’s a change in tone and texture evident on Obaro Ejimiwe’s third album. Instead of working at the mill on his own, as was the preferred method(...)

The “exile” in the album title really rings true in this case. The band came together when a bunch of Songhoy youngsters, who had been driven out o(...)

Mourn: Mourn | Album Review

Teenage kicks like these never go out of fashion. Catalonia band Mourn are very much in thrall to sounds from way back in the day. In some hands, s(...)

There are some musicians who know the value of keeping schtum and sticking to a task. While many acts favour using megaphone diplomacy when hyping (...)

Ghostface Killah (right) has been on a prolific run, both with Wu-Tang Clan and under his own steam. The rapper also has a fondness for collaborations(...)

The Dø have decent form in the indie-pop business. A collaboration between Finnish singer Olivia Merilahti and French producer Dan Levy, the duo’s pre(...)

Joey Bada$$ plays a game that many hip-hop fans will identify with. He’s a throwback to the genre’s mid-1990s golden age, when the boom-bap was kin(...)

It’s always interesting when artists find the right mood music. When you hear Lauren Henson’s Solo Dancing, you get a track that has the chill fact(...)

Heartbreak and heartache are music’s common currency. They’re emotions attached to records which arrive in a funk of blue and bring the listener ta(...)

Dance Mania was the Chicago label which was home to the Windy City’s toughest, hardest house producers during the mid-90s. Tracks full of rudimenta(...)