Arca: Xen

It’s easy to see why so many acts are drawn to Alejandro Ghersi’s beguiling sonic ingenuity.  Kanye West, FKA Twigs and Björk have al(...)

Dean Blunt: Black Metal

Dean Blunt’s advancements in sound have been something to behold. Between his work with Inga Copeland as Hype Williams and the subversive wild(...)

To say that Azealia Banks’s debut album has been a long time coming is an understatement. Between dalliances with XL and a major-label release(...)

Annie MacManus’s annual compilation has become a barometer of clubland’s trends. The releases and accompanying club dates have made the Dublin-born(...)

There must have been times over the past few years when friends of Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell wondered what the hell was keeping their debut albu(...)

Tony Allen: Film Of Life

It’s right and proper that one of the greatest drummers ever continues to get his props. In recent years the Afrobeat co-creator, Africa 70 bandlea(...)

Dan Bodan: Soft

There’s an alluring depth at play on Dan Bodan’s debut album. The Canadian living in Berlin is a singer with a fragile, lonesome note to his voice,(...)

It’s the return of the diamond geezers. El-P and Killer Mike worked together on each other’s solo albums back in 2012 and the mavericks obviously f(...)

As her debut album, Playin’ Me, showed, Merrisa Campbell has a way with seductive spells and hanging apostrophes. Her follow-up is devilish and del(...)

MC Taylor has been through many different musical iterations over the last 20 years, from hardcore with Ex-Ignota and indie rock with The Court &am(...)