Bobby Gillespie: “In terms of looks, you can’t compete with younger bands.” Photograph: Sam Christmas

Primal Scream have always worn their hearts on their album sleeves. Screamadelica signalled their happy-drugs-phase album; XTRMNTR their paranoid dru(...)

Tipp top: Fearghal McKee onstage with Whipping Boy at Feile '92 in Thurles, Co Tipperary. Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

Myles McDonnell sighs at each passing compliment feted upon Whipping Boy’s second album, Heartworm. It’s not an impolite gesture. The former bassis(...)

When John Peel joined the BBC’s new pop station, Radio 1, in 1967, he was photographed outside Broadcasting House in a line-up of DJs that testifie(...)

There are downsides to achieving fame through a fashionable television series. People in supermarkets confuse you with your character. Those tabloi(...)

Dublin three-piece Swords
Newfound Sounds for May
  • Music
  • April 26, 2013, 06:00

With it being almost May, and thus the actual summer, I’m in quite a good mood here at New Found Sounds. And on this month’s podcast, the overall m(...)

There’s a lyric on Hit Void that implores the listener to “read your Marx and Engels(...)

“Postmodern neo-gothic dance music”? “Prom-goth synthpop”? The hyperbolic descriptions of Low Sea’s sound do the Waterford-based, Bosnian/Liver(...)