Hozier has received a Brit nomination for International Solo Male. Photograph: PA

Bray singer-songwriter Hozier has recorded another milestone in his rapid rise to stardom, picking up a Brit nomination for International Solo Male.Th(...)

Damien Rice’s scorched singing lit up Other Voices. Photograph: Rich Gilligan

  1 Small is the new big Big musical gatherings have their charm, but the magic is in the minutiae. Other Voices is a festival version(...)

There are two Jessie Wares. There’s the one who appears on her records, a woman making beautiful, sophisticated, vulnerable, soulful sounds and pro(...)

Jessie Ware: Tough Love

Jessie Ware’s progression from former cub reporter for the Jewish Chronicle to world- beating soul diva has been one to applaud. Her debut album, D(...)

SBTRKT: Wonder Where We Land

Confidence oozes from every pore on this second album from Aaron Jerome. SBTRKT dons a mask to disguise his identity, but there’s no need for any s(...)

This morning, Damon Albarn was a man on a mission. He left his house before dawn and headed towards the Thames to shoot footage of the river, w(...)

Katy B: Little Red

Her 2011 debut, On a Mission, was an astute calling card, but much of Kathleen Brien’s new album lacks the qualities that made the first so sharp a(...)

This is the sound of 2013. Massive slabs of playful, fizzy, infectious, charming, energetic house, garage and pop grooves. Smart- as-hell vocals on to(...)

Jessie Ware

Django DjangoDjango Django seem tailormade for this sort of slot. A big, blistering main stage in the evening sunshine is the perfect platform for the(...)

Disclosure: Settle

On the face of it, the youthful Lawrence brothers have done nothing new on their debut album. As with so many dance- pop albums of late, you’ll f(...)